The world of Killer Intent

Meet an unforgettable cast of characters in this breathtaking new series:

  • Joe Dempsey

    The Department of Domestic Security’s leading field agent, Dempsey is one of Britain’s most efficient operatives. Dedicated, driven and utterly self-reliant, Dempsey prefers his keen wits and intelligence to the violence that goes hand in hand with his role. But nothing and no one – whether his oldest friend or his greatest enemy – can stand in the way of Joe Dempsey and his ultimate duty.

  • Joshua

    One of the world’s most feared assassins, ‘Joshua' is a legend among ghosts, just a whispered name for more than a decade. Compelled to serve without question, Joshua cuts a lethal path across the UK and into Ireland, determined to complete his last assignment. Even if that means once again facing the one man from his past who might be his match.

  • Michael Devlin

    A brilliant London-based criminal barrister who, aged just 18, left his Belfast gangster family behind. A complicated and in some ways broken man, Michael’s reasons for his past decisions are gradually revealed just as the wounds that haunt him are healed.

  • Sarah Truman 

    Boston-born CNN reporter Sarah Truman is the ambitious journalist on the scene when the Trafalgar Square event turns into a massacre. When the story is taken from her for a more experienced journalist, Sarah fights back and begins to ask the questions that lead her into danger. Not knowing who she can trust, she must run for her life.

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London’s legal establishment is shaken to its foundation by the bloody crucifixion of Phillip Longman, retired Lord Chief Justice and one of the most powerful and controversial judges in living memory. Michael Devlin must confront shadows from his past and take on the criminal underworld in this high-octane legal thriller.